Countryside Inn La Matilde blends in the beautiful natural environment. It is located on top of a hill in the First Biodynamic District of the Country (60 hectares of natural forests), surrounded by the generous landscape of San Javier, Traslasierra Valley, Province of Córdoba. A unique spot of exquisite style and beauty intended to blend in with the peace and harmony of the country life, surrounded by vineyards and ponds in the ongoing natural cycle of the property at the foot of the massive Champaqui hill.

Construcción de Posada La Matilde

Concept: Balanced design and comfort / Environmentally Responsible Architecture.

The spacious inn was intended and designed to offer guests noble ancient local customs in perfect balance with comfort and quality.

It features adobe brick walls, clay and gypsum plastering, hand-made trims, natural-dye paint (free of synthetic and chemical products), roof beams made with snag, doors and windows hand-forged from recycled railroad tracks.

Based on an environmentally friendly architecture and bio-temperature control, the building is fitted with thermal insulation, solar water heating, collection of rainwater and water recycling for irrigation.

Each corner of the Posada La Matilde inn - lounge, living room, guest rooms, and restaurant – was tastefully created by the able hands of local, regional and international craftspeople and artists:


.       Arq. Mariana Bidart and Arq. Martín Dazzi (idea and execution)

.       Maximiliano Gonzales (doors and windows carpentry)

.       José Romagnino (adzing of wooden beams)

.       William Cardenas (clay plastering and trims)

.       Miguel Celli (blacksmith).

.       Claudio Escalante (handmade metal works)

.       Sergio Barralle - Artist (indoor painting with milk casein and marble dust)

.       Juan Danna – Muralist (outdoor painting with cactus ferment and natural dyes)

.       Olga Tarditti – Artist (ceramic sinks and ornaments)

.       Arde Cerámicas (handmade ceramic dishware)

.       Luis Nipoti (country-style furniture in Chañar wood and raw leather)

.       Marcelo Dilollio (handmade forged fixtures and fittings)
.       Paula Montaña (landscape professional)

Construcción de Posada La Matilde